Raising Aspirations with Cambridge University

On the 25th of March we were delighted to host a visit from a group of Student Ambassadors from King’s College at the University of Cambridge. The group was made up of five students who are currently working towards degrees in Architecture, Medicine, History, Politics, Psychology and Sociology, and spent an hour at Manor talking to current Year 10 pupils as part of our programme of events designed to raise pupils’ aspirations and show them the vast array of opportunities which are available to them post-16.


During the sessions, pupils discussed the types of courses which would be available to them at university, ranging from Palaeontology to Astrophysics, before discussing the pros and cons of different types of university accommodation. Pupils shared their fears about university and realised that all the Cambridge students had had similar fears before conquering them and making the most of university life. We were delighted to see our Year 10 pupils asking probing and inquisitive questions and making the most of the opportunity to talk to our visitors.


Feedback from the session was outstanding, with one pupil noting that it was ‘fun to learn more about university and meeting students from Cambridge – I found it very encouraging’ and another commenting that he liked ‘learning about the university life and all the opportunities you have on / off the course’.


We are hoping to welcome another visitor from Cambridge University in the coming months to inspire and motivate our young people and ultimately we hope to organise a visit to Cambridge to get the full experience of university life. Keep looking at the Manor College website for more information!